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FrontPoint Security - $42.99

Credit Check 1 year contract required

Post Alarm - $39.99

No Agreement as low as $600 for basic system

ADT - $39.99

​Credit Check 24 Month Contract Required

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 No Contracts

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"We Made The Calling For You"

Protection 1- $36.99

Credit Check 3 Year Contract Required 

Time Warner - $39.99

​Credit Check 18 Month Contract Required

​​System Monitoring as Low as

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Bay Alarm - $39.99

3 Year Contract Required



         ADT Systems 

Monitronics - $34.99

 3 year contract required


SINCE 1993


Here at Maxguard Security.Inc we have developed a Strategy that takes away the Sales Man and Commissions with No Hidden Cost. Creating Hundreds of Dollars in Savings for our Customers. We are a Premiere Boutique Alarm Company located in the Marina Del Rey/ Manhattan Beach/ South Bay area of Los Angeles. We are committed to providing our customers with

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! 

We use Top Brand Name Security Controls like ADT and other Alarm Dealers.

Our Central Monitoring Stations are located here in Los Angeles CA and Miami FL.

Where Subscriber Security Systems are Monitored 24/7 to Report Alarm Signals.